[CentOS-promo] Quality posters for marketing and funds

Wed Jun 6 22:36:56 UTC 2007
Dag Wieers <dag at wieers.com>

Hi all,

Before Linuxtag we discussed on centos-promo (and IRC) that we wanted 
nicely designed posters on glossy paper. However printing them is rather 
expensive and the cost of printing them gets lower on high volume.

So we were thinking to create a few designs of nice posters (and slogans), 
have the devteam decide whether it is ok and then print them.

This would require a (small) investment, but in return we would 'sell' 
them for a donation. And our booth would look nicer as well.

You can find the discussion at:


which starts roughly around 22:23.

Fact sheet:
 + A1 or A2 posters on glossy paper
 + Colourful design with nice slogan
 + Something someone may want to put in their room or office
 + Price roughly:
     200 Euro for 100 A2 posters
     300 Euro for 100 A1 posters
     400 Euro for 1000 A1 posters !

Since we are looking at around 6 events in Europe every year (and this may 
increase now that we are actively looking for them) and since we want 
people to represent us at distant places, a good marketing kit 
(flyers, posters, merchandise) is important and not necessarily expensive.

The ideal situation would be if we could store these items centrally and 
ship them off on demand (or work with printing companies that print 
(locally) and ship on demand, but that may be more expensive).

I'd like this to be on the agenda of our next admin meeting so that the 
next event(s) can be well prepared :)

Kind regards,
--   dag wieers,  dag at wieers.com,  http://dag.wieers.com/   --
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