[CentOS-promo] Fosdem 2008 materials ..

Tue Jan 22 16:22:24 UTC 2008
Lance Davis <lance at centos.org>

On Tue, 22 Jan 2008, Dag Wieers wrote:

> On Tue, 22 Jan 2008, Fabian Arrotin wrote:
>> Wake up Folks ... :-)
>> Here is a list of things that we need for the Fosdem  ... Add your item
>> to the list if i forgot something ;-)
>> - Flyers (after a discussion with Dag, it seems we have still enough.
>> Dag : how much ? and can you bring them ?)
> There are plenty of flyers. I think at least 500, not sure though. We have
> been using the same supply now for a year.

I also have a stack of flyers here. But if we need a new flyer it isnt a 
problem getting it printed ... the problem will be artwork changes and 

>> - Posters : the ones we used last year seems not usable anymore (iirc
>> they were used also for the Linuxtag). is it possible to have newer
>> ones ?
> Definitely. But I think we won't have any in time though, especially if we
> want to have them cheap and make money out of them. The design could take
> some time that we are lacking.

I made the ones we had last year - and can do the same again .

>> - Flag ? we discussed last year about the fact of having a CentOS flag
>> that can be exposed on a wall/on the booth itself. Maybe this could be
>> considered as an investment (lasts longer than a paper poster i
>> think) .. but that's just my opinion ... ideas ?
> A flag would be great and is probably doable to have before FOSDEM. I am
> probably going to buy one myself for the events where I promote CentOS.

What do you mean by flag ??

Do you mean flag or banner ?> Flags are attached to flagpoles ... Boy 
scouts use them a lot ...

> My only concern is the current SVG that is used for most of the artwork is
> still not perfectly symmetrical. I made one which was symmetrical, but
> that one had not the same dimensions (lines were less thick).

I am sure you are being too fussy :)

> - Stickers: I really want cheap stickers with the logo, CentOS and maybe a
> slogan. In the worst case only the logo and CentOS. I would like to have
> bigger ones (to put on the back of a laptop) and smaller ones to put on
> other surfaces.

We could do a sheet of diferent sized stickers - but time may not be on 
our side for that.

> - Budget: All of the things we have mentioned needs a budget. We now that
> facturing them is cheaper in bigger numbers, but without a real budget we
> cannot estimate how much we want to invest. (yes, we have to invest in
> promo)

Well tell us how much these things are going to cost ....



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