[CentOS-promo] questions for the presskit

Mon Jun 16 18:17:17 UTC 2008
wonderer <wonderer4711 at gmx.de>

hy folks,

ok, as seen on previous postings there seems to be the necessity of a 
Therefore I have some questions and I hope you ALL can give me some input...
That CAN be maybe some links to websites, but also selfmade stuff.
When was CentOS found? What was the intention? Does anybody have 
pictures from events or talks (please send to cent-os at gmx.de ... at this 
time :-) ....?! I know some from Ralph on Linuxtag and other talks :-)
Who is in the Core Team? What are 3 major projects CentOS is involved?
How many Users have the Community? are their any statistics? How many 
Downloads or sold CD/DVD Images has CentOS since maybe CentOS 2?
What are the plans in the future (besides the Releases...)?! Are their 
plans in Cooperation with other projects or Business-Cases or so?

Questions to all here to answer (for more input for me):
- why are you use CentOS? Why not another Linux?
- do you use CentOS for Desktop, Server or Enterprise?