[CentOS-promo] questions for the presskit ( resending )

Wed Jun 18 11:20:55 UTC 2008
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

wonderer wrote:
> hy folks,
> ok, as seen on previous postings there seems to be the necessity of a 
> presskit.
> Therefore I have some questions and I hope you ALL can give me some 
> input...
> That CAN be maybe some links to websites, but also selfmade stuff.
> When was CentOS found? What was the intention? Does anybody have 
> pictures from events or talks (please send to cent-os at gmx.de ... at this 
> time :-) ....?! I know some from Ralph on Linuxtag and other talks :-)
> Who is in the Core Team? What are 3 major projects CentOS is involved?
> How many Users have the Community? are their any statistics? How many 
> Downloads or sold CD/DVD Images has CentOS since maybe CentOS 2?
> What are the plans in the future (besides the Releases...)?! Are their 
> plans in Cooperation with other projects or Business-Cases or so?
> Questions to all here to answer (for more input for me):
> - why are you use CentOS? Why not another Linux?
> - do you use CentOS for Desktop, Server or Enterprise?

I've been busy with 5.2 release stuff, as have a lot of other people, so
over the next few days I am sure you will get more feedback and as
people ( me included ) catch up with older emails from the last 2 weeks.

One thing is that can we collect all this info on the wiki rather than
over personal email ? That way its easier to work out whats already
there and what else needs doing / adding etc.

Karanbir Singh
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