[CentOS-promo] Some thougts about the ToDo List

Mon Jun 16 15:42:48 UTC 2008
wonderer <wonderer4711 at gmx.de>


I see different thoughts on how this could work. I have seen this in 
other non-commercial projects. It is a wide area to talk about.
One thing is to promote CentOS with our work (spread the words, do PR 
stuff, be gentle and speak with and over it, etc.) and the other thing 
is to get/have other ideas.
I'm the opinion we should first build up some Promo stuff on ourself. 
The second step could/should be commercial stuff.

The "problem" would be that many Community Users will think "why should 
I pay for it? Then I can use RHEL." :-)
> Re the point: "* Provide a wiki page that contains paid-for support and
> services for CentOS"
> I would also highlight
> http://centos.org/modules/tinycontent/index.php?id=12 as this is another
> area to promote commercial support. 
> At LinuxIT we offer commercial support for CentOS from business hours to
> fully managed. We would welcome the opportunity to have details of our
> offerings and our logo on centos.org and on the wiki, especially if we
> could put something back into the community.
> Since September last year we have been trying to engage with Lance Davis
> to open up the commercial support offerings at centos.org - so far zero
> progress. My last mail to Lance, nearly two weeks ago - no response.
> So, if you do open this up on the wiki please get in touch we would like
> to be top of the list.
> Thanks,
> Bill
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> Hy there,
> I read over the ToDo List and have some points to mention and hope its
> ok:
> The following tasks needs one or more owners:
>     * Create appealing screenshots for the website, articles or events
> additional: take pictures from events...
>     * Feed information to journalist as an incentive to write a CentOS 
> article
> That could be very dangerous if it is not planned good enough...
>     * Contact magazines for CentOS related articles or include CentOS
> media
> Therefore CentOS should have ready made press kit (could work out 
> something).
>     * Contact publishers (of Fedora/RHEL books) to include CentOS on 
> cover, in print or as media
> additional: contact Writers and ask to work out the CentOS related
> parts.
>     * Sell and ship branded goods on the website and at events 
> (stickers, mugs, posters, media)
> idea: build up a little spreadshirt shop (see 
> http://www.spreadshirt.com/us/US/T-Shirt/Spreadshirt-1342/ ) and look 
> how it goes. Selfmade shops  are expensive in  costs and time to 
> administer it...
>     * Provide a wiki page that contains paid-for support and services 
> for CentOS
> Question: Who are the Supporters? How many people are in the Crew?
>     * Create a CentOS Weekly News that summarizes BLOG articles, events,
> progress, etc...
> idea: could the blog used to improve the idea? Because of archiving 
> articles and redirect from the Newsletter...?!
>     * Create and maintain pages about how to install CentOS on your
> laptop
> additional: Install CentOS under VMWare.
> Any comments ;-) ?
> cheers
> Henrik
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