[CentOS-promo] LinuxWorld Expo UK 2008

Mon Sep 1 10:43:35 UTC 2008
Dag Wieers <dag at centos.org>

On Mon, 1 Sep 2008, Andreas Rogge wrote:

>> >  Another problem is T-Dose. It is scheduled for the same weekend as
>> >  LinuxWorld and I feel we're not (yet) able to handle two events in
>> >  parallel.
>>  If we split into two groups, we should be ok to manage two events ?
> Yeah, that's what I thought, too. However, for anything that's not FOSDEM 
> we're usually only a few people.
> You need at least two people to run a booth and while this is probably not an 
> issue for LinuxWorld it might become one for T-Dose.
> Maybe we should call for participants right now so we can decide which events 
> are possible.
>>  I've not been to anything since Fosdem'08 - so where should I look to
>>  see whats the 'usual stuff' that CentOS does at these events ?
> What we had at FrOSCon was:
> - a Presentation (Ralph or Dag should have these in different Languages) 
> running at the booth
> - a Demo-System to try CentOS yourself
> - DVD on Demand (we had issues burning them)
> - Stickers as a giveaway
> However, I guess as I wasn't attending LinuxTag somebody (Ralph? Dag?) could 
> probably add some more info.

I will create a page with the above and some rules for booths later today.

Basicly what Andreas said, except that we also have some posters (printed 
by various people in various quality) and flyers from FOSDEM 2007. And of 
course our shirts/names to show we are a team.

The presentation slides that we show at the booth is to make sure people 
have something to look at without requiring to ask. And maybe it gives 
food for thought that becomes a question :)

Also it is important to try and address people that stand still in front 
of the booth. Not everyone dares to ask a question, but if you politely 
ask them if they know CentOS already you can start to interact. 
Surprisingly about half of the people that stand still in front of the 
booth are using it already. So apparently they are there for a chat.

There is not a lot to demonstrate that is unique to CentOS so apart from 
demonstrating some technology that comes up in a question, the demo system 
is not really used to show something specific.

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