[CentOS-promo] LinuxWorld Expo UK 2008

Mon Sep 1 12:38:05 UTC 2008
Dag Wieers <dag at centos.org>

On Mon, 1 Sep 2008, Marcus Moeller wrote:

>>> During that time my wife is in Goch (Germany) and I am going to visit
>>> her. If everything goes right, I could take part at the booth, too.
>> That's fine. In itself it is ok if we have a lot of people, but the
>> booth-size often is sized to only a limited number. Too many people at the
>> booth makes the booth more chaotic and doesn't lead to a better service.
> This is a question of organization. It depends on the booth size you
> promoted to the event operators. I thing a single table is good for
> 2-3 people. For 3-5 people we are in need of a second table (where we
> could also place a second PC with TFT for presentation of Compiz or
> something else)

Tough luck asking for this at T-DOSE. It all depends on the conference you 
are at. I don't think we really need a bigger booth, we just need to 
manage it better (ie. people that are just sitting there and doing 
nothing are not at all useful). And I don't think we ever needed 5 people 
at a booth because of questions.

For a conference like LinuxTag a bigger booth is possible, but for 
something like T-DOSE I wouldn't dare to ask for a bigger table because 
the event is of a different magnitude.

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