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Subject: FOSDEM 2010 Devroom for CentOS
Date: Thu, 4 Feb 2010 00:35:55 +0000
From: loki at fosdem.org
Reply-To: stands at fosdem.org
To: Fabian Arrotin <arrfab at centos.org>
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Dear Fabian,

FOSDEM 2010 is just a very few days away.

We are very pleased to have you as organizer of a stand at
FOSDEM. We hereby send you a few final bits of information and
instructions regarding the practical arrangements.
Please make sure other responsibles of your stand are informed

On a general note, we see you as our contact person for your
stand. If you have to leave, please delegate to someone else
who is at least mostly informed about what has to be done.

The address of the venue where FOSDEM takes place is:
ULB Campus Solbosch
Avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt 50
1050 Bruxelles

"ULB" stands for "Université Libre de Bruxelles" (free university
of Brussels), but be aware that if you take a taxi, you must at
least explicitly mention "ULB" (and the Solbosch Campus), as there
is a second "free university in Brussels", which is the Flemish
speaking one and spells "VUB". It's just 500m away, but still ;)

If you come by car, the parking on the campus (right next to the
H building) is free of charge. Make sure to not leave anything
of value in a visible manner in your car. It is even safer to not
leave anything of value in your car at all, and deposit it at our
free vestiaire (coat hanger) service instead.

Stand clothing:
We highly recommend you to bring a table-cloth or something alike
to cover your table. The tables are pretty bare, and covering them
(as well as your feet and all the things stuffed in the back) will
make your stand look a lot more professional and appealing.
Also, the front of the cloth is an ideal place for your logo or

As an example, consider the difference:

While we obviously don't have anything against people hacking on
their laptops (FOSDEM is clearly a developer conference :)), you
might want to avoid doing that permanently at your stand, as it
doesn't really encourage people to come around and chat, which
is the main purpose of having a stand at FOSDEM. And it's also
kind of a waste, as there are more useful things to do with
5000 FOSS contributors around.

Speaking of waste...

The FOSDEM staff cleans up all rooms and hallways on Friday as
well as after the event on Sunday evening. Please ask and remind
people who man your stand to make use of the trash bags to deposit
waste, rather than leaving it around.

We can provide you with plenty of large trash bags at the Infodesk.

If you feel like helping us out a bit, it would be great if you could
poke 2 or 3 people to pick up remaining trash (cans, bits of paper,
...) on Saturday and Sunday and put it into the bags.

Note that bottles of drinks taken at the bar must be returned to
the bar, both because they have a bottle deposit upstream, as well
as for the sake of the environment.

Speaking of environment: weirdly enough, the ULB doesn't separate
its trash for recycling, hence you may just put all the waste into
the same bags (except for the bottles mentioned above ;)).

And while this may sound like common sense, we've had this in the
past so...: please don't leave lots and lots of flyers around, as we
have to pick them all up and convey them into the trash containers
ourselves. It is not only a waste of paper, but also a non negligible
amount of work for us.

Power plugs:
Belgium uses power plugs with a single-phase voltage of 230 V and
a frequency of 50 Hz, with sockets of type E:

If you need an adapter, make sure to bring one along, as we don't
have any.

Note that we only provide one power plug per stand, you're
advised to bring your own extension cords.

We provide an Internet link in all rooms and hallways, wireless
only (B and G).

This year, we have our own network: it is connected to a 1 Gbit
full duplex fibre channel uplink to Belnet (that should provide
us with a pretty nifty bandwidth indeed, besides lots of fancy

Internet will become available around 12:00 on Saturday. As we
build our own network, it is a huge amount of work, and our
dedicated network team works many, many hours to provide the
best possible service. Nevertheless, it is never trivial to
provide proper bandwidth and coverage for such a large crowd
distributed over a vast venue such as FOSDEM. Please bare with
them, at least until noon on Saturday ;)

For stocking material overnight, we have a large room (Ferrer) that
will be locked from Saturday 18:00 to Sunday 09:00. Note that there
is no insurance whatsoever and we take no responsibility for stolen
or damaged goods, even though there is a security team at the venue,
including during the night.

That room is located next to the Infodesk in the H building, so
please bring along any stuff you'd like to store there, and please
tag it with the name of your project using a proper marker, to make
sure it doesn't get confused with others.

Note that you can also make use of that storage space from Friday
to Saturday. FOSDEM staff is on site from around noon to 22:00,
but, if possible, please bring it to us after 16:00 and before

Opening and closing times:
You can start building up your stand from around 08:30 on, both
on Saturday and Sunday.

On Sunday evening, after cleaning up, please bring your table and
chairs to the upper floor of the H building (near the infodesk), it
will save us quite some work :)

The main Infodesk in the H building serves as the central rallying
point if something gets lost or found. If you find anything
(wallet, hardware, clothing, ...) lying around at your stand,
please bring it over to the Infodesk (or ask someone to do it).

Conversely, if someone lost something, please direct them to the
Infodesk, where it will be handled by FOSDEM staff.

If something goes wrong:
If anything goes wrong (e.g. malfunctioning Internet connectivity),
please poke FOSDEM staff members at the Infodesk (either in H or
in AW).

In case somebody gets hurt, or a medical problem of any sorts,
please contact us urgently (see below): a team of the Belgian
Red Cross is in stand-by, on-site, near the Infodesk in H.

Common sense should apply - don't try to rescue the person
yourself unless you have first aid training.
Instead, try to remain calm and contact us immediately (by
any means as described below).

In case of a security sort of problem, although it luckily
never happened, professional security staff is present
on site. Contact us rapidly and we shall dispatch them
to your devroom (or wherever you observe that situation),
along with FOSDEM staff members.

How to contact us:
The Infodesk may be reached physically (we also have a small
Infodesk in the AW building, which should be manned with
FOSDEM staff members most of the time), with the main location
being at the upper entrance of the H building (under the large
"FOSDEM" banner).

If you cannot go there and cannot ask someone to go there for
practical reasons, or if the situation requires urgent
intervention (such as a medical problem), you may always use
your cell phone to call either
- the Infodesk...: +32 2 7887474
- myself (Pascal): +32 486 071035
- Elise..........: +32 486 511450
(Elise and I form the dedicated devrooms+stands team, or at
least the team dedicated to devrooms and stands ;))

If there are any remaining questions, please do contact us
at stands at fosdem.org

Note that I will be on-site from Friday morning on (local time)
and, hence, not able to check my emails. Hence, after
Thursday 22:59 (UTC), please contact me by phone
(+32 486 071035). Oh, and if you're not in Belgium or a
nearby timezone, and unless it's really urgent, please check
it's daytime before giving me a call ;D

In any case, we wish you a good and safe trip to Brussels,
a lot of interesting discussions with a lot of equally
interesting people, and.. oh well.. a lot of fun, really :)

On behalf of the FOSDEM stands team,
   -o) Pascal Bleser <loki at fosdem.org>    http://www.fosdem.org
   /\\       FOSDEM 2010 :: 6+7 February 2010 in Brussels
  _\_v Free and Opensource Software Developers European Meeting

Fabian Arrotin
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