[CentOS-promo] "Project Workshops" on Linuxtag 2010

Fri May 14 12:58:45 UTC 2010
Ralph Angenendt <ralph.angenendt at gmail.com>


again - as last year - there is the possibility to do a project
workshop, where we could say something about the CentOS projects. This
is thought to be something of a "Developer to Developer" thing, so
admissions like "What is CentOS" or "Why Enterprise" probably aren't
what the expect of such a workshop.

If anybody has an idea of what we could present there - deadline for
submission is the 25th of May.

Here's the relevant part from the info mail:

We are open for your suggestions for project workshops! We have a room
for this. In the past, workshops were well received by the LinuxTag
attendees, probably because the schedule was on display for visitors.
We therefore would like to keep this feature this year.

We'll use this workshop room to jointly organize a "projects to
projects program" or "developer to developer program". Main purpose
for this room is to provide attending projects an opportunity to talk
to other developers (not necessarily from the same project) and to go
into detail for a larger group than what would be possible at the
booth. Please note: all workshops will be open to the public and will
be announced so. In special cases we can make an exception, but we
would like to discuss this in detail with you, if you think a session
should be non-public.

LinuxTag provides presentation equipment and probably Internet
connectivity for this room. Normally a slot is 60 Minutes (don't
forget to reserve some minutes at the end so the next workshop can be
prepared!), if your workshop takes longer leave us a note within your
abstract. Also do so if you have a preference for a certain day.