[CentOS-promo] Hallo from a new subscriber

Sun Aug 28 17:11:34 UTC 2011
Always Learning <centos at u61.u22.net>

Hoi Bert,

> If you would decide to host such an event in Belgium, don't forget to
> ping me, I think I know the perfect location for a 2 day summit in
> Ghent, for a smaller group (max 100p/day). 

Never heard of Ghent. Google shows me 'Gent' which I have heard of. Is
that 'op de weg' tussen Oostende en Antwerpen Kennedy Tunnel ?

I was thinking of 7 days with the main event in the middle of those 7
days. This would allow those with little time to attend only the main
event and the others, with more time, to arrive early and depart late,
explore the place and attend 'fringe' events and generally relax and
enjoy themselves.

Is camping aanwezig in de buurt van Gent of de huur locatie ?


	Commercial sponsorship, multiple 

	good, low rates



	classes in Linux/Centos (free or very low cost)

	comparison with Windoze and Centos/KDE/Gnome etc.

	promotion materials

	cheap but good quality Centos branded goods
	(caps, tee-shirts, polos, sweat shirts, mugs enz.)

	primary language English, but good, clearly spoken
	and devoid of jargon, colloquialisms

	free hand-outs including CDs/DVDs of Centos

	endorsement from de gemeente / regional government etc.

	reasonable admission cost with invoices for companies
	wishing to charge everything to business expenses.
	Perhaps very low for private indidivuals and higher for
	companies ?

	IMPORTANT: some rain for Mr K B Singh who will feel
	unwelcome unless he gets wet :-)