[CentOS-promo] TShirt funds

Mon Mar 5 02:21:21 UTC 2012
Always Learning <centos at u61.u22.net>

Apologies. The Chardonnay (white wine) influenced my attention to

> Paypal charges : 106.24

For British contributors would it not be better for Centos to have a
(free) British bank account into which subscribers could pay fee-less
(using Internet banking)?

Paypal and Ebay are expensive commercial rip-offs.

Similarly Centos could have one Euro area bank account for payments,
again avoiding expensive Paypal commissions.

Perhaps a similar arrangement could be concluded in the rest of the world.

What would, I believe, be desirable is a discreet label badge showing
the Centos logo. Not every Centos user wants ghastly Centos
modern-style logos  (Ninjus ?) but all Centos users are likely to be united in
expressing their appreciation to perhaps the biggest world-wide
free non-Micro$oft operating system.

The youngsters tastes (KB for instance) are likely to be different from
the older Centos users' tastes. This means a modern crap or ghastly
logo may not appeal to older Centos users.  However I believe we are
all united by the excellence of the product and are intrinsically
grateful to the volunteers who continue to give us the last versions of
a very successful (and superior I think to Windoze) world-class operating system.

A 2.54cm square (1" to the British and Americans) Centos logo which one
could attach to one's machines would be nice.