[CentOS-promo] CentOS Dojo at Brussels 2015

Tue Dec 16 17:45:10 UTC 2014
Dave Neary <dneary at redhat.com>

Hi Patrick,

René Koch from the oVirt community ran a lab a while back where he
basically installed a single host as a control node for an oVirt
cluster, and guided people through the process of booting off a USB key
and having their laptop added to the cluster as a compute node - this
adds some real cloud scale with potentially lots of nodes, and would
allow you to do some pretty cool Heat demos, deploy real applications, etc.

Is that kind of thing possible/straightforward with RDO & PackStack?


On 12/16/2014 11:45 AM, Patrick Laimbock wrote:
> On 16-12-14 16:20, Karanbir Singh wrote:
>> On 16/12/14 14:20, Haïkel wrote:
>>> I could do a talk on Openstack/RDO
>> sounds good, a getting started with openstack with RDO could be a great
>> session. Would you want to run this as a hack session/tutorial ( where
>> people follow along ) or do you want to do this as a demo ( where you do
>> the stuff, and people look on ).
> I have demoed a virtualized OpenStack 3-node deployment via Packstack on
> my laptop using a bridged DHCP interface (no Virtualbox, just plain
> libvirt & KVM) on CentOS 7 VMs. It paints a nice picture of what a real
> deployment looks like so I prefer it over the single-node allinone option.
>> I guess a tutorial on getting started with openstack might be a longer,
>> 2 hr session, whereas a demo might be shorter 30 or 45 min ?
> 2 hours should cover the installation and enough time to deploy an
> instance, going through the GUI, answer questions and play around.
> Explaining Neutron networking however easily takes a lifetime :)
>> We will have local mirrors for centos content there, and a local
>> dedicated wifi access point. And we can easily add on any content that
>> you might need for the tutorial / demo as well - so people dont spend
>> too much time downloading over the internet.
> Might be useful to add a mirror of the RDO (Juno EL7) repo too:
> https://repos.fedorapeople.org/repos/openstack/
> Best,
> Patrick
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