[CentOS-promo] CentOS Dojo at Brussels 2015

Tue Dec 16 18:47:46 UTC 2014
Patrick Laimbock <patrick at laimbock.com>

Hi Dave,

On 16-12-14 18:45, Dave Neary wrote:
> Hi Patrick,
> René Koch from the oVirt community ran a lab a while back where he
> basically installed a single host as a control node for an oVirt
> cluster, and guided people through the process of booting off a USB key
> and having their laptop added to the cluster as a compute node - this
> adds some real cloud scale with potentially lots of nodes, and would
> allow you to do some pretty cool Heat demos, deploy real applications, etc.

Cool concept.

> Is that kind of thing possible/straightforward with RDO & PackStack?

Will look into it later this week. If I get something going I'll let you