[CentOS-promo] [DRAFT] Code of Conduct for CentOS Dojos

Fri Feb 21 13:00:16 UTC 2014
Fabian Arrotin <fabian.arrotin at arrfab.net>

On 21/02/14 11:22, Andreas Rogge wrote:
> Am 21.02.2014 07:17, schrieb Rejy M Cyriac:
>> On 02/21/2014 02:13 AM, Joe Brockmeier wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> As we're ramping up planning for CentOS Dojos in 2014, it would be a
>>> Good Idea to have a code of conduct/Anti-Harassment/Discrimination
>>> Policy in place. I've taken the liberty of drafting a short one based on
>>> the Linux Foundation's [1] policy.
>>> I trust that this is non-controversial, but I'm including the language
>>> below in case we need to make any tweaks. We also need to decide who
>>> will be the point of contact for any concerns (aside from the local
>>> event staff).
>>> Thoughts, comments, flames?
> This seems to be mostly an issue in the USA or at least it isn't an 
> issue in Europe. I've been to several conferences in Europe and I 
> haven't ever heard of any issues concerning something like that and also 
> I haven't heard of any code of conduct.
> I've heard there have been issues at conferences in the US. A code of 
> conduct might help, but we shouldn't advertise it too offensive.
> It is okay if we have it and we can refer to it, but we shouldn't put it 
> on every door in 30pt or something like that. I think it would be 
> somewhat offending to advertise it in that way, because for me it 
> implies that you think I don't know how to behave properly.
> We *should* have clear guidelines and I'm glad to call them code of 
> conduct and we definitely should evict people who misbehave, but don't 
> put it on every wall
> Regards,
> Andreas

Hi Andreas,

I complete share your opinion/PoV.
It's good to have some kind of "code of conduct" to mention to people
when they register for an event/centos dojo, but as you said it too, we
never had any issue during previous events/dojos.
So my opinion would be the same as yours (mention it but don't "write it
on every possible wall" :-)

Fabian Arrotin
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