[CentOS-promo] Call for participation/help (CentOS Promo)

Wed Aug 7 15:05:14 UTC 2019
Rich Bowen <rbowen at redhat.com>

Hi, folks,

I don't know who, if anyone, is still on this list. It would be great to 
hear from you all, and what your interest is in this list.

Over the last few months, I've been swamped with all manner of things, 
and the blog, and social media, has suffered as a result. You may have 

I need help in keeping these things alive, and filled with useful, 
non-spammy, content. I'm hoping that either someone here, or someone we 
can get to join us here, can step up and help make that happen.

Places where I need help:

* Monthly newsletter. I'm drafting this right now. I'm only a day behind 
schedule at this point, but having a way to do a running draft all 
month, and publishing it when it's due, rather than the last-minute 
scramble, would be awesome.

* Monthly newsletter translation. Over the years we have provided the 
newsletter in a variety of languages. Having some consistency on this 
would be great.

* Twitter. Daily tweets about what's happening in the SIGs important 
topics on the mailing list, event promotion, would be great.

* Facebook. Our facebook page is already pretty active, but an awful lot 
of it is spammy. Having *quality* content there, daily, would be a huge 

* Blog. Useful, technical articles, weekly, would be awesome. But this 
needs someone to go looking for that content, getting people to write 
it, running a schedule so that we have regular content. We have a LOT of 
people who, I think, could write these articles, if we go about it well.

Rich Bowen - rbowen at redhat.com
@CentOSProject // @rbowen
859 351 9166