[CentOS-promo] Call for participation/help (CentOS Promo)

Wed Aug 7 23:51:11 UTC 2019
Phil Wyett <philwyett at kathenas.org>

On Wed, 2019-08-07 at 11:05 -0400, Rich Bowen wrote:
> Hi, folks,
> I don't know who, if anyone, is still on this list. It would be great
> to 
> hear from you all, and what your interest is in this list.
> Over the last few months, I've been swamped with all manner of
> things, 
> and the blog, and social media, has suffered as a result. You may
> have 
> noticed.
> I need help in keeping these things alive, and filled with useful, 
> non-spammy, content. I'm hoping that either someone here, or someone
> we 
> can get to join us here, can step up and help make that happen.
> Places where I need help:
> * Monthly newsletter. I'm drafting this right now. I'm only a day
> behind 
> schedule at this point, but having a way to do a running draft all 
> month, and publishing it when it's due, rather than the last-minute 
> scramble, would be awesome.
> * Monthly newsletter translation. Over the years we have provided
> the 
> newsletter in a variety of languages. Having some consistency on
> this 
> would be great.
> * Twitter. Daily tweets about what's happening in the SIGs important 
> topics on the mailing list, event promotion, would be great.
> * Facebook. Our facebook page is already pretty active, but an awful
> lot 
> of it is spammy. Having *quality* content there, daily, would be a
> huge 
> improvement.
> * Blog. Useful, technical articles, weekly, would be awesome. But
> this 
> needs someone to go looking for that content, getting people to
> write 
> it, running a schedule so that we have regular content. We have a LOT
> of 
> people who, I think, could write these articles, if we go about it
> well.

Hi Rich,

I will be the first to reply to list and show there is at least some
life here.

If you would like any assistance, I am happy to help. My contribution
is from fedora up to EL, with EL being my primary OS.

One great drawback of CentOS is the way it has gone from a community
project through back door negotiation to being very internal of Red
Hat, or the perception of that. An open culture and clear direction
needs to be once more cultivated, an elected leadership that all
developers/users know the points of contact and of the projects present
and future goals. Communication has been very lacking for some time and
this needs to change for the project to survive and flourish.

CentOS has for some time concentrated on the cloud (narrowed scope) and
the workstation/desktop and other user has been forgotten. It would be
advantageous to be promoting these and other areas.

CentOS maybe Enterprise Linux. However, as a volunteer who also teaches
basic computing skills[1] at a Housing Association Training Centre, we
as professionals in the most part set the bar far too high and exclude
people. This in many cases is not intentionally, but in some cases it
is. We I would hope want to once again bring CentOS to the masses and
promote the fact this can be your stable and secure long term daily OS
for man, woman and child. It is here we can create more content for the
novice right through to the IT professional and make the project once
again relevant and useful for a greater audience.

If anyone wishes to discuss further, I am more than happy to oblige.



[1] Horton Housing - Basic computer skills. From turning a device on,
parts of a computer/device and basic software use.

*** Playing the game for the games sake. ***

IRC: kathenas
Twitter: kathenasorg
Website: https://kathenas.org
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