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Wed Mar 31 19:36:34 UTC 2021
Karsten Wade <kwade at redhat.com>

I'm +1 and I like this idea in general, it's the project's blog and we 
want to have more content on there. SIGs for sure need access and some 

I'm wondering if it would be reasonable to ask everyone who is 
publishing to the blog to (practically-always) include a review step? 
Have another person such as a fellow SIG member read it through before 

A review step can use the built-in Wordpress "Status: Pending Review", 
which is one of three states along with "Draft" and "Published". So it's 
a human process—when you are done writing, you put it in the state 
Pending Review, then ask someone else to review it. Once that is done, 
you or that person can change it to Published.

(This also helps make sure actual Drafts aren't cold-dropped by 
accident, if the process is to only change to Published from Pending 

The consideration behind my suggestiong is because the blog is treated 
as an official voice of the Project, we can expect folks inside and 
outside of the community to think the same. This is the reason we _tend_ 
to have at least one other person review a post before it goes live; 
some posts go through a lot of review and revision, depending on its nature.

This suggesting is a way to scale the reviewing that already happens 
without adding much process to anyone's day.


- Karsten

On 3/31/21 11:32 AM, Davide Cavalca via CentOS-promo wrote:
> Hi,
> I'd like to request authoring permission for the blog so I can write
> and post the quarterly report for the Hyperscale SIG. My wordpress
> account is dcavalca. Thanks!
> Cheers
> Davide
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