[CentOS-virt] Crash with qemu install: 5.2 as host and 5.2 as guest

Mon Dec 15 00:23:58 UTC 2008
Michael Kress <kress at hal.saar.de>


Karanbir Singh wrote:
> no, it should be :
> install 5.1
> yum update to latest released kernel in the main distro

ok, I did that, installed 5.1
I tried with 5.1 and I got that same fatal exception again
Then I updated from the original 5.1's kernel-xen 2.6.18-53  to
still no luck, still the same error.

>> * reboot
> yes, to get the 2.6.18-92.1.18.el5 kernel; rest of the steps you
> mentioned are ignorable / local site policy driven, have no implications
> with the issue.

Sounds reasonable, but no luck here. :-(
Any further hints for me?

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