[CentOS-virt] Migration from Windows VMs from VMWare server to Xen

Joseph L. Casale

JCasale at activenetwerx.com
Thu Jun 5 00:06:40 UTC 2008

>Thank you... thats great - and easy.
>Windows being so particular about drivers and disk mappings I figured
>there would be more to it.

Well, you still have to consider that:) Why this works without you
doing any extra legwork is because for you to run windows on Xen,
unless your using the pv drivers, your Xen config exports an IDE disc
into the vm. Unless you explicitly do *not* load an ide driver during
install of the windows guest, it has this driver in the Critical Devices
Database. It will just boot. You may have to make changes to the boot.ini
file depending on the version of windows and format of the original vm
but I doubt you need that.

Obviously make sure your recue disc of choice has support for the scsi
device in the vmware guest, and network drivers so you can push the image

You can also convert the images as well (qemu-img convert -f vmdk... I thnk).
If this image is running under ESX, then you should export the disc out with
vmkfstools, http://www.vmts.net/vmkfstools.htm

Pick your pleasure...


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