[CentOS-virt] Migration from Windows VMs from VMWare server to Xen


sdw2 at shineonline.co.nz
Thu Jun 5 00:58:03 UTC 2008

> Well, you still have to consider that:) Why this works without you
> doing any extra legwork is because for you to run windows on Xen,
> unless your using the pv drivers, your Xen config exports an IDE disc
> into the vm. Unless you explicitly do *not* load an ide driver during
> install of the windows guest, it has this driver in the Critical Devices
> Database. It will just boot. You may have to make changes to the boot.ini
> file depending on the version of windows and format of the original vm
> but I doubt you need that.
Thanks - I was wondering what was going on under the lid

> You can also convert the images as well (qemu-img convert -f vmdk... I thnk).
> If this image is running under ESX, then you should export the disc out with
> vmkfstools, http://www.vmts.net/vmkfstools.htm

Thats helpful too
(qemu-img docs at http://bellard.org/qemu/qemu-doc.html#SEC19)


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