[CentOS-virt] redhat's Qumranet acquisition


mick at mjhall.org
Thu Sep 11 08:25:17 UTC 2008

Some factors swaying my boss towards Xen/XenSource:

On the quotes we've been getting, XenSource would cost half of what 
VMWare ESX would cost (not the stripped down free download obviously).
We are a cash-strapped organisation, so the difference is significant.

We are also looking to move as much of our server infrastructure as 
possible to a standardised RHEL/CentOS platform, whether as hosts or as 
guests. VMware runs on RHEL/CentOS of course, but a 
supported-out-of-the-box-by-the-OS-vendor alternative (like Xen) always 
has appeal.

My boss is also interested in Citrix for some other stuff they do 
(virtual clients/application delivery).

For my part, looks like I'm going to learn Xen, then learn KVM.

I am just starting with Xen ... my sandbox is a new Dell PowerEdge 840 
with Xeon Quad Core, 4GB RAM and 4 x 750GB HDD on a hardware RAID 5, so 
far it is all running like a dream.

Joseph L. Casale wrote:
>> You are asserting the Xensource lacks what the CentOS supplied
>> xen has? wow
> I should also state that Xen is the coolest thing I have played with in ages.
> I don't want to suggest I am not fond of it in any way, I love it and use it. I
> just don't think the commercial product is polished enough. I really feel some
> trivial lustre could be massaged into it. If I was shelling out cash, and the choice
> was vmware or xensource you cant compare. Vmware has been at it a long time
> and thier product is just so polished and solid.
> jlc
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