[CentOS-virt] KVM: bridge configuration for static IP address

Christopher G. Stach II

cgs at ldsys.net
Sat Dec 12 20:22:32 UTC 2009

----- "rewing" <rewing at howfortune.com> wrote:

> Thanks, But still I'm a little confused.
> Actually I don't need host to be a gateway.

How do you expect packets to get from one ethernet interface to the other without packet forwarding and a gateway on each network?

> And still, I have 2 ehtnet interface on my mainboard. So I should
> allocate eth1 an IP address for host, and only make eth0 as br0, and
> set guest OS IP address in guest OS network configuration, right?

Maybe just add eth1 to br0 and not use eth0?

Christopher G. Stach II

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