[CentOS-virt] VMWare Server 2 USB permissions

Tue Mar 17 02:02:24 UTC 2009
Ted Miller <limaohio123-CompMailLists at yahoo.com>

I have experienced the problems with trying to use USB in VMWare Server 
2.0.  I have read in various places that it involves the settings of some 
permissions in the /proc file system, but most of the information has been 
of the "check your permissions on /proc/bus/usb", but nothing to tell what 
they should be, or what the ownership of the "file" should be, or how to 
keep them set correctly (I believe that Centos "forgets" those permissions 
every time it is rebooted).

Can anyone tell me:
What the permission needs to be?
Who has to have it?
How can I set it automatically?

I would prefer to create a group and assign ownership of the "file" to a 
group (like usbbus), and then assign users to that group as needed.  The 
applications I am needed USB access to are running under desktop OS 
installs, not servers.

Thanks for any help,
Ted Miller
Indiana, USA