[CentOS-virt] SATA vs RAID5 vs VMware SOLVED

Tue Nov 3 15:08:23 UTC 2009
Philip Gwyn <liste at artware.qc.ca>

A short follow up to indicate how I solved my problem :

 - moved all the ram files to /dev/shm
 - downgraded host to CentOS 4.8 (was 5.2)
 - Moved virtual disks to RAID1 (was RAID5)
 - Spread the virtual disks over various raidsets (was all on same raidset)

The first element alone was not helpful.  I was not able to test RAID1 vs RAID5
in isolation from 4.8 vs 5.2, which would have been nice.

I might be downgrading all the other hosts to 4.8, in which case I might be
able to test it in isolation.