[CentOS-virt] Endless reboot of Solaris 10 under KVM

Sat Nov 21 08:13:27 UTC 2009
Mathieu Baudier <mbaudier at argeo.org>


in order to test a future deployment of our apps on Solaris, I tried to
virtualize Solaris 10 (update 7) in KVM.
It installed fine but afterward it keep rebooting: reboot -> GRUB -> reboot
-> GRUB etc.

I know that Solaris is not officially supported by CentOS/KVM in CentOS 5.4:


And the issue seems to be well known:

I got Solaris to work virtualized in VirtualBox 3.0.x (in Fedora) so I have
a workaround.

So, I don't have much hope that one can get Solaris to work under KVM, but I
still wanted to ask here, in case some of you would have faced this already
and would know some magic trick...
(or at least to spread the information)


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