[CentOS-virt] dom0 hangs when rebooting debian lenny domU

Wed Nov 25 06:34:30 UTC 2009
Günter Zimmermann <guenter.zimmermann at gmx.at>

Dear all,

I have a reproducible issue with centos54 dom0 and debian lenny domU
using pygrub. As far as I enter "shutdown -r now" in the running Debian
Lenny DomU the whole system hangs. Keyboard is dead, network is dead and
no more logging. Ending up in a hardware reset of the box. I was able to
reproduce this 3 times. Restarting with xm reboot debian50 works without
problems. Is there a possibility to debug this behavior? Unfortunately I
neither had any logging in /var/log/* nor in /var/log/xen/* or on
console. The debian lenny installation was done using debootsrap. No
additional software has been installed in the debian domain.

This is my cfg file for the Debian Lenny domain:
bootloader = "/usr/bin/pygrub"
memory = 1024
extra = "3"
name = "debian50"
vcpus = 1
vif = [ 'bridge=xenbr1' ]
disk = [ 'phy:store/debian50_boot,xvda,w',
hostname = "debian50.zimmermann.com"
on_poweroff = 'destroy'
on_reboot   = 'restart'
on_crash    = 'restart'
pci = [ '0000:09:04.0' ]

Best Regards,
Günter Zimmermann