[CentOS-virt] date problem on my virtual centos server

Wed Apr 14 13:33:48 UTC 2010
John Berrocal <johnstevebh at gmail.com>

I have a Centos server 5.4 64 bits with xen server, and It has 6 virtual
servers, windows 2003 and centos 5.4 64bits.
One of my servers have a special problem with the time. It is a centos
server 5.4 64 bits, with apache, and mysql and dokuwiki running. When
somebody update the content in the wiki apps, it take the time of the server
and always the time is forward than the real time, for example right now the
time of that centos server is and hour more than the current time. I was
changing manually the  time, and also I update the packages to fix any
possible bug, but I still have the same problem.
I checked the time on the host server and it has the current time and my
Have you ever had the same problem?

Thanks in advance for your answers
John S. Berrocal
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