[CentOS-virt] Moving vmware guests to a CentOS KVM server

compdoc compdoc at hotrodpc.com
Wed Feb 24 14:45:56 UTC 2010

>Fri 2/19/2010 Kenni Lund kenni at kelu.dk 
>Do your own testing if in doubt.


Centos 5.4 with kvm, and latest (yum) updates. The switch is
a 3com gigabit switch. These are production servers and each
has guests doing actual work, but the servers' cpus are idle
most of the time.

Centos 5.4 with latest updates. Only gnome desktop installed
(no server components). 2 cpus assigned to each. 2 nics
assigned to each. netperf-2.4.4-1.rhel5.x86_64.rpm running
on each. 1 nic is e1000. 1 nic is virtio.

E1000 test:
Time: 10.03 secs
Throughput: 429.76
Utilization: 23.64%

Virtio test:
Time: 10.03 secs
Throughput: 539.15
Utilization: 5.29%

So there is improvement...

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