[CentOS-virt] VirtIO with CentOS 5.4

Thu Jan 21 20:42:58 UTC 2010
Bill McGonigle <bill at bfccomputing.com>

Hi, all,

I'm attempting to run a Windows 2003 (32-bit) VM under CentOS 5.4, 
generally following:


I've seen nice performance benefits with the VirtIO driver under Fedora, 
so I'd like to get that running with CentOS as well.  I have the 
September drivers build .iso.

According to:


I need a KVM version 60 or later - fair enough.  Back at the wiki 
there's a note about later KVM in -testing, and sure enough there's a 
-66 there, but it's only built for an old kernel.

I got that SRPM and tried to build it against the current kernel, but 
get kmod build errors, ala:

error: redefinition of typedef 'bool'
warning: "__aligned" redefined

The wiki also has a note about -84 being in Levente Farkas's repo, but 
those don't appear to be there any longer.

So, questions:
1) what are folks generally using for VirtIO-capable KVM on CentOS 5.4?
2) given that the upstream has Windows drivers available, I'm curios how 
they're handling the issue, and if we're in sync.
3) does anybody have the SRPM that was at Farkas's repo or know if it 
went elsewhere?  I assume the build issues have been solved there already.

I'd be happy to update the Wiki with info from responses here.


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