[CentOS-virt] Lockup with (none) login

Tue Jul 6 01:34:25 UTC 2010
Ben M. <centos at rivint.com>

I had a CentOS 5.5 Xen "standard virtualization" install lockup on 
reboot after an battery backup (apcusbd) orderly shutdown induced by a 
power outage. It may have been sitting with two kernel updates without a 

I have to head to the site (with a fractured ankle), but reports 
indicate that it is at

- (none) login:

which only returns back to itself after a user login at console, 
including root.

- the local user says, though the monitor speed was "too fast" that it 
is failing to find its mounts OR that the disk reported errors.

It is on a dmraid (I know, please don't flame me).

There is some critical information on the drives that did NOT backup.

I need a list of tools and ideas to have a checklist to try and 
resurrect this machine.

Of course I will go with
- Live CD
- CentOS 5.5 install.
- Hard drives.

I would appreciate any procedural methods to go about this and try to 
resurrect this machine.