[CentOS-virt] SPICE Benchmark

Tue Nov 16 19:39:57 UTC 2010
Scott Dowdle <dowdle at montanalinux.org>


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> I don’t suppose you have any websites you would recommend that shows
> how to install and use spice?

I second that question.  While I've found instructions here and there, and have even given Fedora 14 a try as well... the processes is very manual and I have yet to find a very detailed set of instructions for getting SPICE going.

I understand that the benchmark paper used RHEV for Desktops... which I assume does all of the work for you... but what about us folks who are using RHEL 5.5, RHEL 6, and/or Fedora 14.  All of them come with KVM and SPICE packages but we need some detailed instructions on setting it up and making it work.

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