[CentOS-virt] What are KVM guest cores?

Fri Nov 19 09:43:52 UTC 2010
Ben McGinnes <ben at adversary.org>

On 19/11/10 11:01 AM, Kenni Lund wrote:
>> Do you have a rule of thumb as to how many core to assign
>> to a guest?  For instance, with an Intel x5650 with 6 real
>> and 12 hyperthreaded cores, how many cores would you assign
>> to the guest?
> It fully depends on the load of your guests and how many guests you
> want/need to run on a single server.

It also depends on what each guest is doing.  Some software, like the
Postfix MTA, has issues with the timer in a VM and in circumstances
like that you want to minimise the number of cores if you can't skip
the use of the VM entirely.

Kenni is right, though, test it and see whatever works best for your


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