[CentOS-virt] What are KVM guest cores?

Fri Nov 19 18:38:28 UTC 2010
MargoAndTodd <margoandtodd at gmail.com>

On 11/19/2010 01:43 AM, Ben McGinnes wrote:
> On 19/11/10 11:01 AM, Kenni Lund wrote:
>>> Do you have a rule of thumb as to how many core to assign
>>> to a guest?  For instance, with an Intel x5650 with 6 real
>>> and 12 hyperthreaded cores, how many cores would you assign
>>> to the guest?
>> It fully depends on the load of your guests and how many guests you
>> want/need to run on a single server.
> It also depends on what each guest is doing.  Some software, like the
> Postfix MTA, has issues with the timer in a VM and in circumstances
> like that you want to minimise the number of cores if you can't skip
> the use of the VM entirely.
> Kenni is right, though, test it and see whatever works best for your
> project.
> Regards,
> Ben

Thank you!