[CentOS-virt] cluster of virtual machines using libvirt/kvm + Gluster


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Not sure I understand your question. You'd need to use "ccs_tool update
/etc/cluster/cluster.conf.new" to propagate your modifications through the

(You'd need ccsd and cman, ofc.)






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I gave up to use gluster as storage, now using gfs2+storage everything is
working fine... now a question came up, after alter
/etc/cluster/cluster.conf, what services need I to reload/restart after add
a new vm resource?





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On Wed, Jan 19, 2011 at 9:49 PM, Dennis Jacobfeuerborn <
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On 01/19/2011 05:48 PM, compdoc wrote:
> I once tried moving my qcow2 VM guest files to a zfs-fuse volume, and the
> VMs refused to boot after. They only ran while on ext3 or ext4.

I saw something similar when I put some images on an NTFS volume. This
worked under Fedora 11 but when I switched to Fedora 14 the virt-manager
refused to read the images. In the end I copied them onto the root ext4
system and then everything was fine.

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