[CentOS-virt] server host keys for kvm clones

Thu Jan 5 17:30:41 UTC 2012
Thomas Göttgens <tgoettgens at gmail.com>

Hi Karanbir,

> Personally, I hate images. Provisioning from fresh is easy enough, fast
> enough and manageable enough that images are almost always either the
> wrong solution or a by-product requirement from a third party tool that
> does not understand provisioning ( hello, all those so-called-cloud
> solutions .. )

well, there IS at least one valid scenario, where you want to deploy
an image in an environment not supported by anaconda/kickstart. A
prime example is the ALIX mainboard series, where the boards usually
come with soldered 128 or 256 MB RAM, CF Flash Reader and a AMD GeoDE

I had fun rebuilding anaconda once to even bootstrap those (AMD GeoDE
is somehow falsely recognized as i586 by CentOS 5.7), just to
find out I had to add an additional USB key for swap to even get it to
install. ( see http://bugs.centos.org/view.php?id=2552 for details )

There are ready-made CentOS images for these type of boards available
on the net (ssh keys removed ;-) ) and these actually allow for an easy
provisioning of the CF cards.

Sadly CentOS6 does not even support the processor any more.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Thomas Göttgens
mailto:tgoettgens at gmail.com