[CentOS-virt] freebsd as kvm guest

Tue Apr 30 06:55:44 UTC 2013
Bane Ivosev <bane.ivosev at pmf.uns.ac.rs>

i just run very simple test. 1GB network, 500 MB test file on web server
and wget from centos 6 and freebsd 8.3 vm's, both with virtio.

wget -nd --no-proxy http://server/test -O /dev/null

result is the same:

Length: 524288000 (500M) [application/octet-stream]
Saving to: `/dev/null'

100%[====================>] 524,288,000  112M/s   in 4.5s

then i try freebsd with fetch

freebsd8:~% fetch -o /dev/null -d http://server/test
/dev/null          100% of  500 MB   41 MBps 00m00s

fetch is 2.5x slower. that's interesting. i don't know what's the
difference between fetch and wget but i'll try to found out.

On 04/29/2013 08:26 PM, Nux! wrote:
> On 29.04.2013 18:54, Ilya Ponetayev wrote:
>> I have about ten installations of pfSense 2 in CentOS/KVM as FreeBSD 
>> 8.x
>> profile and experience no problems except significant CPU load at 
>> 50-100
>> Mbps stream shaping/routing/filtering (about 50-60% of one Penitum 
>> G630
>> core at 75 MBps), but this is because of e1000 nics emulation (freebsd
>> 8.x in pfsense 2 has no virtio drivers included as I can remember).
> I too wanted to use PFSense on KVM/EL6 but network performance was 
> disappointing. My network engineers reverted to using VMware ESXi for 
> the time being.
> My hope is with Fbsd 10 which includes virtio drivers by default (and 
> also has a SMP friendly PF :> ).
> BTW, here's a QCOW2 of it, import image as RHEL6 profile (has all the 
> virtio stuff):
> http://li.nux.ro/download/openstack/images/fbsd10-snap-20130316-r248381-TESTING.qcow2
> The root passwd is "password" so change it ASAP!
> Even with this image I could not saturate 1 Gbps link (just rudimentary 
> test with "fetch -o /dev/null"), but it's still an improvement.