[CentOS-virt] Traffic Accounting & KVM vs Xen

Thu Aug 15 23:24:35 UTC 2013
Robert Dinse <nanook at eskimo.com>

      We've been using CentOS 6.4 for both host and KVM guests for our own 
internal uses here, ftp server, mail servers, web server, etc.

      I am getting to where we want to offer virtual servers for lease but to
do so we need some method of measuring and/or limiting traffic to individual

      I am wondering what others are using for this purpose?  I know that you
can look at traffic stats on the bridge on the host machine but that 
information is lost when the machine is rebooted.  I'm wondering if there is
any software that databases that information on an ongoing basis and does not
lost information across reboots?

      Second question, what are the advantaged and disadvantages of KVM verses
Xen?  I played with Xen back when I had CentOS 5, but find KVM easier to work
with and not much difference in performance.

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