[CentOS-virt] AWS AMI questions

Wed Jul 31 15:07:47 UTC 2013
CS <cove_s at yahoo.com>

Hi folks,

I had a few questions in regards to the CentOS AMI:

Are there instance backed versions of the AWS marketplace CentOS builds? It looks like there might have been at one point, but I'm not seeing them now, and since they're marked as being from the marketplace we're having some difficulties attaching the volumes to another system to create an instance backed version of it. Any ideas?

Is it possible to download the AMI from somewhere and re-upload them so they don't have the Marketplace restrictions? I checked cloud.centos.org, but it seems like they files there haven't been updated in a while.

It's my understanding that projectraindrops.net was used to build the AMIs, is it possible to run that service locally?


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