[CentOS-virt] AWS AMI questions

Wed Jul 31 20:59:54 UTC 2013
Michael Militzer <lkkm at quantentunnel.de>

Hi CS,

those are all good questions and I asked quite similar ones already half
a year ago:


And apart from me, also other people raised the same issue, e.g. here:


Or here:


Unfortunately, the situation appears to not have changed until today. So
the AMIs seem to not be available outside the AWS marketplace, you can't
get any instance-backed AMIs from the AWS marketplace and you also cannot
convert the EBS-backed AMIs from the marketplace to instance-backed AMIs
on your own because of the marketplace product license restrictions.

It would be a cool thing to have official, instance-backed CentOS AMIs for
AWS. But somehow, I've lost hope a bit meanwhile...

Best regards,

Quoting CS <cove_s at yahoo.com>:

> Hi folks,
> I had a few questions in regards to the CentOS AMI:
> Are there instance backed versions of the AWS marketplace CentOS   
> builds? It looks like there might have been at one point, but I'm   
> not seeing them now, and since they're marked as being from the   
> marketplace we're having some difficulties attaching the volumes to   
> another system to create an instance backed version of it. Any ideas?
> Is it possible to download the AMI from somewhere and re-upload them  
>  so they don't have the Marketplace restrictions? I checked   
> cloud.centos.org, but it seems like they files there haven't been   
> updated in a while.
> It's my understanding that projectraindrops.net was used to build   
> the AMIs, is it possible to run that service locally?
> Thanks!
> cs