[CentOS-virt] proper bridging technoque

Fri Nov 22 23:51:41 UTC 2013
Digimer <lists at alteeve.ca>

On 22/11/13 18:11, aurfalien wrote:
> Cancel my last email as I peeked at a server I set up last year w/o issue having multiple interfaces.  Its working no issue.
> I don't recall but can you gentlemen tell me if there are any routes that need to be set?
> My guest VMs being on a 2nd or 3rd NIC interface can't get a IP via DHCP and when set statically cannot send/recv packets.
> I vaguely recall setting routes on the working box from last year but forgot :)
> - aurf

We're not all gentlemen. ;)

So you have multiple separate networks? If so, then I assume you have a
bridge per network? If so, then the server you configure will see the
outside network that the given bridge connects to.

Remember, a bridge is just a "software network switch". If the "switch"
is not connected to the server with a DHCP server, it will not get an
answer to DHCP requests.

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