[CentOS-virt] proper bridging technoque

Sat Nov 23 00:06:33 UTC 2013
aurfalien <aurfalien at gmail.com>

On Nov 22, 2013, at 3:51 PM, Digimer wrote:

> On 22/11/13 18:11, aurfalien wrote:
>> Cancel my last email as I peeked at a server I set up last year w/o issue having multiple interfaces.  Its working no issue.
>> I don't recall but can you gentlemen tell me if there are any routes that need to be set?
>> My guest VMs being on a 2nd or 3rd NIC interface can't get a IP via DHCP and when set statically cannot send/recv packets.
>> I vaguely recall setting routes on the working box from last year but forgot :)
>> - aurf
> We're not all gentlemen. ;)
> So you have multiple separate networks?

Well no, I have 1 network that my host is connected to.  This host has 2 active NICs, eth0 1Gb (which has a corresponding br0) and eth6 10Gb (which has a corresponding br6).

It also has 1 inactive or not connected NIC being eth1 which has a br1 associated with it.

All and any VMs configured on this host can send/rcv packets while on br0.

But when I set any of those VMs to use br6, no routing occurs.

So while I have a bridge per NIC, I only have 1 network, 1 subnet, 1 gateway etc...

I've looked at the diff between my working server having 6 NICs and my non working server have 2 active NICs and don't see any diff.

- aurf