[CentOS-virt] VIRT SIG Meeting Minutes [11/04]

Fri Apr 11 14:07:05 UTC 2014
Lars Kurth <lars.kurth at xen.org>

Will copy these to 
http://wiki.centos.org/SpecialInterestGroup/Virtualization, after intial 
discussion or just point to the e-mail/email thread from the wiki. Feel 
free to correct as needed.

== Attendees ==
SIG Members:
  * LarsKurth (LK)
  * GeorgeDunlap (GD)
  * KaranbirSingh (KB)
  * JohnnyHughes (JH)
  * EuanHarris

=== Meeting time and cadence ===
Meetings  will be held every other Tuesday from 14:00-15:00 London time 
starting on April 22nd
We will use Bluejeans conferencing as voice is higher velocity
We will hold every alternating meeting on #centosdevel
Meetings will be minuted, IRC sessions are logged

  * ACTION: KB, provide Bluejeans conferencing details
  * ACTION: LK: announce on the list and add information to wiki page

=== Roles and Responsibilities ===
We confirmed who does what based on the current list of SIG members

KB, JH: Developing Build Systems, Other Infrastructure enablement, 
CentOS Board liasion
LK: Minutes, Chair meetings, Outreach, Community
GD: Access Controls, Build triggers, Technical Leadership

  * ACTION: LK and GD to discuss who wants to act as SIG lead. We may 
want to run this dually for a while, until it is clearer what is 
involved. LK is often on the road, which may prove challenging.

=== Decision Making ===

Lazy Consenus decision making process (amongst the SIG members). In 
other words, proposals are made on the list and accepted if there is no 

=== Ongoing business: Press Release & Linux.com Article  ===
Both were discussed by CentOS board yesterday. A couple of phrases need 
correcting and some clarifications are needed.

  * ACTION: KB, provide changes suggested by Centos board by Friday (or 
  * ACTION: LK, after changes are received kick off Xen Project AB board 

=== Infrastructure  ===

==== Wiki ====
  * Wiki access : done

==== Repositories ====

Migrate Xen4CentOS git repositories to newlocation
  * KB stated that there is a dependency on build system
  * We can either wait for the new build system or use the one we have 
(with migrated repos).
  * Present system: each package is within its own named git 
repository.  Each git repository has named branches.
  * Workflow: anyone can clone these and commit changes. A commit to a 
named git branch triggers a build.

  * migrate git repositories
  * use exisiting build system for now
  * when available migrate to new system

Issue: GD, LK are blocked due to lack of instructions and information

  * Action: KB put together list of repository names in Xen4CentOS such 
that we can use it as a baseline
  * Action: KB put together a doc on how to get builds going and 
join/administer the git repos

==== Repositories / Process  ====

We want a lightweight review and ACK process with a list of committers 
(initially: KB, GD, JH, LK)
However, it is OK to nominate one or two people who can commit directly

We already have a mixture of people working with git directly and ome on 
github : set up github such that merge requests on github are sent to 
virt list, such that anyone can see the requests

  * Action: make mods to github repos *after* migration

==== Lists  ====
LK noticed that there are some issues with list moderation : aka posts 
seem to go missing on centos-virt
KB stated that "if you are not subscribed : posts to the list are 
autodiscarded". This is due to the volume of spam to the centos lists.
LK, is OK with this, but we need to set expecations. As this may be 
difficult for new people engaging with the SIG

  * ACTION : LK state this policy on the wiki page and make a post to 
the list and seeing whether we want to change it. The volume of spam is 
likely smaller on the virt list than the centos-devel list

==== Bug tracking ====
Bugs related to Xen4CentOS currently get raised on the virt list
Other virt related bugs too
Upstreams monitor the list and they get addressed upstream
CentOS specific go into bugs.centos.org

This seems to be working now: let's not change anything that isnt broken
But may want to reconsider once we are through the bootstrapping issues

=== Establish a backlog / roadmap ===

GD suggested that we have a regular roundup call for backlog items on 
the list, which we can collate into a roadmap. We can either just link 
to the threads from the wiki or nicely format and copy it.

* ACTION : GD kick off a backlog / roadmap discussion via e-mail on the 
list and discuss at next meeting
* ACTION : LK these minutes contain a number of next steps. LK 
volunteers to track on wiki for now

* ACTION: KB, GD, and who else wants to come - get together at Xen 
Project Hackathon, May 29&30th 
(http://wiki.xenproject.org/wiki/Hackathon/May2014) to work on technical 
issues. Most of us are local, so this should give us a boost

=== Interfaces and Scope ===

Given where we are, we probably need to focus on the basics in the 
coming weeks and months : infrastructure, migrating, virtualization 

GD made a good point that SIGs and Variants are essentially about 
interfaces. We have INBOUND and OUTBOUND interfaces.

INBOUND: are those who make the virtualization components that are in 
the SIG work
Example: Kernel, Qemu...

OUTBOUND: are those that end-users and other SIGs interface with.
Example: libvirt, virsh, ...

One of the main function of the VIRT SIG is to try to ensure that 
versions of INBOUND interfaces will work for the components maintained 
within the SIG and that OUTBOUND interfaces are suitable for users and 
those SIGs trying to consume the variants created by the virt SIG

KB noted that the scope of SIG is not constrained. E.g. we could include 
Xen Orchestra or something similar, if desired.

KB: have you looked at the osstree?
GD has, but not in much detail. Following ongoing discussion

===  Relationships to other SIGs ===
Right now it makes sense to focuse on other active SIGs
* Cloud Instances SIG
* Storage SIG

  * ACTION LK: to keep in touch with patrick from Storage SIG
  * ACTION GD: reach out to Cloud Instance SIG (I think there are issues 
with preseeding, and passwords)
  * ACTION LK: knows DavidNalley - chat to him about Cloud Instances SIG