[CentOS-virt] VIRT SIG Meeting Minutes [11/04]

Tue Apr 15 09:38:36 UTC 2014
George Dunlap <dunlapg at umich.edu>

On Fri, Apr 11, 2014 at 3:07 PM, Lars Kurth <lars.kurth at xen.org> wrote:
> Will copy these to
> http://wiki.centos.org/SpecialInterestGroup/Virtualization, after intial
> discussion or just point to the e-mail/email thread from the wiki. Feel
> free to correct as needed.
> Lars
> == Attendees ==
> SIG Members:
>   * LarsKurth (LK)
>   * GeorgeDunlap (GD)
>   * KaranbirSingh (KB)
> Travelling:
>   * JohnnyHughes (JH)
> Guest
>   * EuanHarris
> === Meeting time and cadence ===
> Meetings  will be held every other Tuesday from 14:00-15:00 London time
> starting on April 22nd
> We will use Bluejeans conferencing as voice is higher velocity
> We will hold every alternating meeting on #centosdevel
> Meetings will be minuted, IRC sessions are logged
>   * ACTION: KB, provide Bluejeans conferencing details
>   * ACTION: LK: announce on the list and add information to wiki page
> === Roles and Responsibilities ===
> We confirmed who does what based on the current list of SIG members
> KB, JH: Developing Build Systems, Other Infrastructure enablement,
> CentOS Board liasion
> LK: Minutes, Chair meetings, Outreach, Community
> GD: Access Controls, Build triggers, Technical Leadership
>   * ACTION: LK and GD to discuss who wants to act as SIG lead. We may
> want to run this dually for a while, until it is clearer what is
> involved. LK is often on the road, which may prove challenging.
> === Decision Making ===
> Lazy Consenus decision making process (amongst the SIG members). In
> other words, proposals are made on the list and accepted if there is no
> veto.
> === Ongoing business: Press Release & Linux.com Article  ===
> Both were discussed by CentOS board yesterday. A couple of phrases need
> correcting and some clarifications are needed.
>   * ACTION: KB, provide changes suggested by Centos board by Friday (or
> Monday)
>   * ACTION: LK, after changes are received kick off Xen Project AB board
> approvals
> === Infrastructure  ===
> ==== Wiki ====
>   * Wiki access : done
> ==== Repositories ====
> Migrate Xen4CentOS git repositories to newlocation
>   * KB stated that there is a dependency on build system
>   * We can either wait for the new build system or use the one we have
> (with migrated repos).
>   * Present system: each package is within its own named git
> repository.  Each git repository has named branches.
>   * Workflow: anyone can clone these and commit changes. A commit to a
> named git branch triggers a build.
> Proposal:
>   * migrate git repositories
>   * use exisiting build system for now
>   * when available migrate to new system
> Issue: GD, LK are blocked due to lack of instructions and information
>   * Action: KB put together list of repository names in Xen4CentOS such
> that we can use it as a baseline
>   * Action: KB put together a doc on how to get builds going and
> join/administer the git repos
> ==== Repositories / Process  ====
> We want a lightweight review and ACK process with a list of committers
> (initially: KB, GD, JH, LK)
> However, it is OK to nominate one or two people who can commit directly
> We already have a mixture of people working with git directly and ome on
> github : set up github such that merge requests on github are sent to
> virt list, such that anyone can see the requests
>   * Action: make mods to github repos *after* migration
> ==== Lists  ====
> LK noticed that there are some issues with list moderation : aka posts
> seem to go missing on centos-virt
> KB stated that "if you are not subscribed : posts to the list are
> autodiscarded". This is due to the volume of spam to the centos lists.
> LK, is OK with this, but we need to set expecations. As this may be
> difficult for new people engaging with the SIG
>   * ACTION : LK state this policy on the wiki page and make a post to
> the list and seeing whether we want to change it. The volume of spam is
> likely smaller on the virt list than the centos-devel list
> ==== Bug tracking ====
> Bugs related to Xen4CentOS currently get raised on the virt list
> Other virt related bugs too
> Upstreams monitor the list and they get addressed upstream
> CentOS specific go into bugs.centos.org
> This seems to be working now: let's not change anything that isnt broken
> But may want to reconsider once we are through the bootstrapping issues
> === Establish a backlog / roadmap ===
> GD suggested that we have a regular roundup call for backlog items on
> the list, which we can collate into a roadmap. We can either just link
> to the threads from the wiki or nicely format and copy it.
> * ACTION : GD kick off a backlog / roadmap discussion via e-mail on the
> list and discuss at next meeting
> * ACTION : LK these minutes contain a number of next steps. LK
> volunteers to track on wiki for now
> * ACTION: KB, GD, and who else wants to come - get together at Xen
> Project Hackathon, May 29&30th
> (http://wiki.xenproject.org/wiki/Hackathon/May2014) to work on technical
> issues. Most of us are local, so this should give us a boost
> === Interfaces and Scope ===
> Given where we are, we probably need to focus on the basics in the
> coming weeks and months : infrastructure, migrating, virtualization
> components.
> GD made a good point that SIGs and Variants are essentially about
> interfaces. We have INBOUND and OUTBOUND interfaces.
> INBOUND: are those who make the virtualization components that are in
> the SIG work
> Example: Kernel, Qemu...
> OUTBOUND: are those that end-users and other SIGs interface with.
> Example: libvirt, virsh, ...
> One of the main function of the VIRT SIG is to try to ensure that
> versions of INBOUND interfaces will work for the components maintained
> within the SIG and that OUTBOUND interfaces are suitable for users and
> those SIGs trying to consume the variants created by the virt SIG
> KB noted that the scope of SIG is not constrained. E.g. we could include
> Xen Orchestra or something similar, if desired.
> KB: have you looked at the osstree?
> GD has, but not in much detail. Following ongoing discussion
> ===  Relationships to other SIGs ===
> Right now it makes sense to focuse on other active SIGs
> * Cloud Instances SIG
> * Storage SIG
>   * ACTION LK: to keep in touch with patrick from Storage SIG
>   * ACTION GD: reach out to Cloud Instance SIG (I think there are issues
> with preseeding, and passwords)

Did I say that? :-)