[CentOS-virt] xen-c6 fails to boot

Johnny Hughes

johnny at centos.org
Thu Dec 4 09:50:50 UTC 2014

On 12/02/2014 07:36 AM, Bob Ball wrote:
>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: Johnny Hughes
>> On 12/01/2014 04:48 AM, Bob Ball wrote:
>>>  [<ffffffff81575480>] panic+0xc4/0x1e1
>>>  [<ffffffff81054836>] find_new_reaper+0x176/0x180
>>>  [<ffffffff81055345>] forget_original_parent+0x45/0x2c0
>>>  [<ffffffff81107214>] ? task_function_call+0x44/0x50
>>>  [<ffffffff810555d7>] exit_notify+0x17/0x140
>>>  [<ffffffff81057053>] do_exit+0x1f3/0x450
>>>  [<ffffffff81057305>] do_group_exit+0x55/0xd0
>>>  [<ffffffff81057397>] sys_exit_group+0x17/0x20
>>>  [<ffffffff815806a9>] system_call_fastpath+0x16/0x1b
>> It works fine for me .. you might consider using CentOS-6.6 and not
>> CentOS-6.4 .. also, we now use a 3.10 kernel and the latest version of
>> xen is 4.2.5 in the /6.6/xen4/ repo.
> Updated to CentOS-6.6, but I still get the same issue.
> By the above I assume you're using the xen4 repo rather than the xen-c6 repository referred to by http://wiki.centos.org/QaWiki/Xen4?
> Is the xen-c6 repo now considered broken or deprecated with the xen4 repo used in preference?
>> BUT .. it seems to be a hardware/driver issue.
> The same hardware (cluster of 10 machines) was successfully working with the xen-c6 repository previously; I'm not sure what issue might have occurred to cause this failure on all hosts which is why I think it's a software issue.  Possibly a driver issue although the last successful run was using the same kernel so I assume had roughly the same drivers installed.  Note that the 3.4 kernel boots fine without Xen, it is only under Xen that the boot fails and the machine restarts.

What I mean by hardware issue is the way the hardware interacts with the
newer versions of xen.  I guess what I should have said is that there is
some unique issue with your hardware.

The updates have have posted are needed for numerous security updates,
so I would not recommend running older versions long term for security
reasons ... BUT ... all the previously released software is here:





In this unique case (ie, your exact hardware and software combinations),
you may need to experiment with and find the exact combination of
software that works for you.

In any event, all the software we have previously released is in those
locations, so getting a combination that works so we can isolate the
issue that causes it all to die is likely the best starting point.

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