[CentOS-virt] Hey

Tue Jan 28 23:25:09 UTC 2014
NightLightHosts Admin <admin at nightlighthosts.com>

I have used xen over kvm and others for a while.  It was what I just
started using first years ago.  With Xen I could manage domains and my
system seemed like a real server.  KVM just seemed like a command line
trick to me.  (I know it is not especially since its integration into
the kernel.)

xenserver is pretty sweet and there are some big products built around
it.  Citrix loves it too.  OpenStack is neat:

I was disappointed when redhat dropped xen :/  I mean now there is an
entire project around keeping xen on centos, etc.  This one.....

In the end xen just seemed more strait forward.