[CentOS-virt] RFC: Use git am for patchqueue

Thu May 15 18:05:06 UTC 2014
George Dunlap <dunlapg at umich.edu>

OK, I've got a basic initial port of the xen package up to 4.4.0.  But
before I post that, I wanted to get comments on a new method of
managing the Xen part of the patchqueue.  You can find the RFC branch

repo: http://github.com/gwd/sig-virt-xen
branch: out/git-am-patchqueue-RFC-v1

The basic idea is to put as much as possible into a 'git am' file.
This file can easily be imported into git on top of a Xen git
repository with "git am [filename]", rebased / edited like any branch,
and the exported again with "git format-patch -N --stdout

I've got a copy of the Xen repo with the patchqueue applied as a branch here:

repo: http://github.com/gwd/xen
branch: centos/pq/4.2.4-v1

Unfortunately this only works for patches to things in the core Xen
repo; patches to qemu, or the out-of-tree blktap will need to be
managed separately still.  However, at the moment those patches are
kind of small.

Having the patchqueue in this format made rebasing to 4.4 a *lot* easier.

Any thoughts?