[CentOS-virt] Windows 10 tech preview build 10130

Kanwar Ranbir Sandhu m3freak at thesandhufamily.ca
Sun Jul 5 02:02:47 UTC 2015

On Fri, 2015-07-03 at 22:10 -0700, ToddAndMargo wrote:
> Did it work?

Yes, this time around the install worked. Thing is, the sha1sum was the
same as the first time I downloaded the ISO so there was no corruption
to speak of. I really don't know why it wasn't working before.

I haven't done much in the preview except try out Spartan and do some
configuration. I like the UI design.

The only thing that really is driving me nuts is the mouse. My mouse is
not running smoothly in the KVM. On my desktop (Fedora 20 running Gnome)
my mouse is fine. In other KVMs (e.g. Fedora 22) the mouse works just as
smoothly. But, in this preview build, there appears to be a lag...or
something. It's difficult to describe. Umm...it's almost like frames are
dropping. I don't know. Overall it just sucks and its killing my desire
to play around with it more.

My daughter has recently started playing the games at www.roblox.com. In
this preview build, starting up any game makes Windows crash. Maybe a
future build will fix that.

Kanwar R.S. Sandhu

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