[CentOS-virt] Live migration using shared storage in different networks

Miguel Barbosa Gonçalves m at mbg.pt
Mon Jul 6 11:58:06 UTC 2015


I am building a KVM cluster that needs VM live migration.

My shared storage as well as the KVM hosts will be running

Because 10 Gbps Ethernet switches are very expensive at the
moment I will connect the KVM hosts to the storage by
cross-over cables and create private networks for each
connection ( and

The following diagram shows the topology

 Management             Management            Management
    VLAN                   VLAN                  VLAN
     |                      |                     |
+----+-----+  10 Gbps  +----+----+  10 Gbps  +----+-----+
| KVM Host |-----------| Storage |-----------| KVM Host |
+----+-----+           +----+----+           +----+-----+
     |                      |                     |
   Public                 Public                Public
    VLAN                   VLAN                  VLAN

My question is: will live migration work in this configuration
since the storage will have 2 different IP addresses
( and in 2 different networks even though
it is the same storage?


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