[CentOS-virt] installing xen on c7

Sun Feb 28 00:04:00 UTC 2016
Peter <peter at pajamian.dhs.org>

On 28/02/16 01:52, Yamaban wrote:
> IMHO, the best way to solve this would a additional line in the spec-file:
> "Provide: kernel-dom0" for those kernel that are provide this
> functionality.
> Then the xen-packages could "Require: kernel-dom0"
> no matter which way the kernel functionality came to be.

The issue there is you can't expect every third-part kernel vendor to
add that provide.  Many of them won't even realize that their kernel is
dom0 capable because any kernel from 3.0 and up is by default (Red Hat
went to lengths to actually rip this functionality out of their
kernels).  So by doing this you still end up forcing people who want to
use other legitimate kernels to jump through a lot more hoops.

I think a better way would be to create a group that includes xen and
the kernel (and possibly other things) and have the installation
instructions install the group instead of individual packages.  It
becomes much easier to replace individual packages (or simply not
install them) without breaking deps for yum that way.