[CentOS-virt] installing xen on c7

Sun Feb 28 10:47:18 UTC 2016
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

On 28/02/16 00:04, Peter wrote:
> The issue there is you can't expect every third-part kernel vendor to
> add that provide.  

Everyone who cared to should have done in the last 8 odd years the xen
stack has been available on CentOS - beyond that, we should build a good
local story and ensure other vendors have the opportunity to come along.

You seem to be arguing for a broken story for some third party corner case,

We have a local kernel, built for purpose, tested for purpose, and used
within the ecosystem by other efforts that require or provide a xen
interface, lets just stick with trying to make that better.

besides, there is nothing stopping users from later installing whatever
other keys they want. Pretty sure a majority of the userbase wont.


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